I HAVE A DREAM By Zejnur Krosh, 2nd-year Political Science student


We live in a big country which has a lot of nations. This country has the biggest territory in the world and the second most powerful army. It’s populated by almost one hundred and  half million people. Its name is Russia, the country with the greatest part of natural resources in the world.

But with these things considered all of us, people of this country, live in unfair conditions where groups of very rich and powerful people own all natural and not only natural resources, but people still live  in injustice. Stagnation in the economy, overwhelming corruption, unfair income distribution, ineffective work of the government in many directions, the situation when some parts of the country can do anything they want notwithstanding the law, but the other cannot solve their own problems by themselves without a decree from above — this list is just a part of the problems existing in our country. They are the problems that prevent us from living the way we could live.

During my life people around me have been constantly trying to convince me that the situation cannot be different, that our people have such kind of mentality. But I don’t want to believe it and will never do it. Maybe it looks stupid, but despite the prevailing pessimism around me — I have a dream today…!

I have a dream… that one day our nation will begin to live much  better than we do it now and corruption in our country will become an exception instead of a rule.

I have a dream… that one day all citizens will benefit from the extraction of natural resources as it must  be and I hope that Chechnya and Kursk oblast will have common for everyone rules of game, as it is required by the Constitution.

I have a dream… that one day our economy will begin to grow at high rates and this will lead the country to prosperity.

I have this dream today and I believe that one day this dream will come true.


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