I have a dream that will kill me if it comes true… By Alexandra Kondakova, a 2nd year Political Science student

Today I will tell you the a short story.

Once I have read it in the book.  And I want you to know about it, too.

Just imagine a beautiful city. It’s always sunny there. Everyone smiles beautifully and laughs cheerfully there. And every day is the best day of the year. This city is the happiest city on the Earth. There is no place for sadness, illness and economic crisis.

«What is the name of this city?» — you may ask. And I’ll answer:     «It’s name is Omelas». So you know it now.

But there is something else what you must know, too. Anyway, you have no choice.

All citizens live happily and carefree, all except one child in a dark basement, who is doomed to suffer in solitude, bringing his life as a sacrifice to Omelas.

This child is the key to the well-being of all citizens. Every citizen knows about it. And if someone once tries to comfort the unhappy child, everything will collapse. Happiness will stop being permanent and will turn into variable. The prosperous life of the city will come to its end.

Somebody puts up with it, while others leave this place. But the city continues to blossom like before, spreading the sweet smell of mistletoe flowers all around its tidy streets.

That’s the end. I closed the book and said goodbye to its fictional world thinking about how it’s cruel and sad.

So I came back to the real world and suddenly realized one terrible thing: this story can’t let me go so easy, because all of us — you and me, my dear friend — we all are citizens of Omelas.

This is just bigger and has another name, but the meaning is the same.

I said about it this way and the scientists would call my fear the North-South confrontation.

We must know… We cannot afford to forget it…

We must know that a hundred years ago rich countries were nine times richer than poor countries. In the 21st century, they are 100 times richer.

We must know that images from space record a scattering of golden lights — the true triumph of the earthly urbanization, and the hidden darkness of the unlit life of the majority of the earth’s population.

It is here, in the dark part of the world, the population is growing rapidly.

It is here where unstoppable AIDS and other curses of our time exist.

It is here where terrible epidemics are met with astonishing indifference.

It is here that drinking water is disappearing.

It is here that education has become an unthinkable luxury.

We, the smallest part of humanity, consume the largest part of the world resources.

And we are not going to share…

Because the resources are not enough for everyone…

Because we do not want to live in a different way…

We will never illuminate the dark part of the Earth.

I have a dream that will kill me if it comes true.

And I am crying, but   continue to live in the golden lights.

I have a dream that will kill me if it comes true.



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